ADHD Child/Adult


ADHD Child/Adult

Are you or a child in your care struggling with staying focused or being attentive? Is impulse control and/or staying organized a daily battle? ADHD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common child-hood condition that can persist well into adulthood. The symptoms of ADHD often mimic other neurodevelopmental conditions, making early diagnosis and treatment essential to symptom relief or improvement (Kolar et al., 2008).

In today’s society the stigma of ADHD can create more emotional and psychological hardships than the symptoms themselves. Where some may perceive the condition as an aspect of their identity, enabling and justifying the very symptoms creating their emotional distress, the challenges in relationships, and adversely impacting work or academic performance.

There are many pharmacological and non-pharmacological strategies and techniques that have been developed over the years to reduce symptoms associated with ADHD. Most people that were diagnosed with childhood onset ADHD, report that as result of using a combination of pharmacological and psychotherapeutic strategies and techniques they have experienced fewer symptoms of ADHD as an adult. Learn more. Don’t let no solution be your solution.

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