Traumatic Stress


Traumatic Stress

Traumatic stress is an enduring and intense emotional strain that negatively impacts the mind and body. Traumatic stress is often experienced following exposure to a traumatic event or toxic stressor/situation.  In some cases, typically when there is a perceived risk of death or serious harm,  the stress may re-emerge multiple times when reminded of the traumatic event, disrupting an individuals sleep routine and activities of daily living, a condition we know as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Traumatic stressors can be, motor-vehicle accidents, assault, rape, witnessing or experiencing a violent crime, exposure to combat/war, prolonged exposure to toxic stress, bullying, or any event deemed “traumatizing” by the person experiencing it.

There are multiple therapeutic interventions and techniques designed to aid in addressing traumatic symptoms, to include trauma-informed CBT, mindfulness, narrative therapy, brief-solutions focused therapy for trauma, and many others. If you believe that you are experiencing traumatic stress, let today be the day you start your healing.

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