LGBTQIA+ individuals are apart of a marginalized group that are often subjected to discrimination and microaggression’s within work, educational/academic and family systems. Often times these encounters or vicariously being made aware of them, to include the rising violent occurrences against members of the LGBTQIA+ community highlighted in the media, can make it difficult for those who identify as LGBTQIA+ to disclose their identities or fully exist within them.

In relationships LGBTQIA+ individuals may also feel pressure to conform to heteronormative standards, where it is not uncommon to experience cognitive dissonance, or conflict between the beliefs that informs decisions about their identity. Clients in this state often report experiencing what may feel like an identity crises, that over time can negatively impact their relationships with others, as well as the relationship they have with themselves.

Overall, these challenges often create a high degree of emotional distress where symptoms of depression and anxiety are commonly experienced. Through self-acceptance, empathetic understanding, and exploring all aspects of identity using culturally sensitive and queer based clinical interventions we work through those barriers that prevents you from feeling whole.

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